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Big brands have a big responsibility to get this right. We can help.

The current smart home is in a serious quandary. The gap in understanding between what business and consumer customers want and what manufactures are able to deliver has forced retailers into a difficult role of defining the complete vision. 

Mainstream consumers continue to wait for the dust to settle and retail businesses are showing an increasing frustration with sales below expectations, resulting in neglected product displays, discounted product and swift clearance of slow moving inventory. While point solution sales are slowly rising, a gadget mentality is beginning to damage public opinion. Device interoperability is yet to be nailed down and the truly “smart” home is still a distant goal for most.

Smart Home Primer is a strategy and research firm, founded with the goal of helping consumers and professionals learn and share ideas to help build forward momentum as the market transitions from "point solutions" to connected smart environments. Our mission is a healthy exchange between knowledgable experts to shape and refocus the connected home and IoT industry direction, growth and techniques.

If you need help with your IoT, smart home, connected device retail strategy, or help creating a digital or physical event in these areas, please contact us to schedule a call. You can view our latest research and ideas around IoT and connected devices in our posts here and subscribe for updates, or follow and reach out to us on social media.